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Sevilla Flamenco Maps

Below some maps which should be helpful when searching for any flamenco venue in Sevilla. Included are maps to all flamenco venues, flamenco penas, flamenco bars and flamenco tablaos. I have included some descriptions for each type of venue. If you have any additions, please send me an email.

Flamenco Tablaos

Flamenco tablaos have shows almost every night. These are professional flamenco venues of good quality, although they are often filled with tourists. Some are more expensive - tapas and dinner are options, while a few offer more economical shows. Map of Flamenco Tablaos in Sevilla

Flamenco Bars

Flamenco bars can be found all over Sevilla, with varying audiences: mostly tourists, or a mix of locals and tourists. Many of the bars have shows a few times a night, and a few have almost nightly shows. Expect a more improvised and less formal experience. Map of Flamenco Bars in Sevilla

Flamenco Peñas

Flamenco penas are cultural associations dedicated to flamenco music and dance. Most are off the beaten path, in outlying neighborhoods with more locals. But I doubt there are any that have never welcomed tourists who are flamenco enthusiasts. Map of Flamenco Peñas in Sevilla

All Flamenco Venues in Sevilla

Flamenco Venues vary in Sevilla as you can see from the above maps. This map combines all of the flamenco venues in Sevilla so you can see every option regardless of the type of venue. Helpful if you want to find something close to your location. Map of all Flamenco Venues in Sevilla