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Flamenco Venues in Cordoba

Cordoba has a couple of nice places to see flamenco around the Mezquita in the juderia quarter of the city.

Arte y Sabores de Cordoba

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A flamenco cave in Cordoba? Well it really isn't a cave but this small venue reminds me a little of the places in Granada. The setting is a former Arab bath which holds about thrity people. Outside the bath there is a typical patio where they slow cook a vegetarian rice. This is a cool little place to see a show with dinner at a reasonable price.

Tablao El Cardenal

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It's hard to miss Tablao El Cardenal, with a location just a few meters from the mezquita. In warm weather this places has two different patios which can serve as the backdrop for the show. In the winter months they occupy an historic hall in the same building which also has its charm! There are several performers who have won national prizes for flamenco.