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Museum of Flamenco Dance

Museum of Flamenco Dance

Museum of Flamenco Dance


Guide to Flamenco in Seville is a an English guide to all things flamenco in Seville. We hope to give visitors some basic background about flamenco, as well as where to find shows, bars, schools, stores and more - all dedicated to flamenco.

Bienal Flamenco in Sevilla 2012

The month of September brings us the Bienal Flamenco, the biannual event which is the biggest and best flamenco festival in the world! Every night there is a concert, plus plenty going on the in bars, outdoors and elsewhere. For more info you can consult the full program >>

Tablaos and Flamenco Shows

Get information on nightly flamenco performances in several venues. Options range from larger venues in a theatre style setting, to smaller, more intimate clubs. These are professional shows with performances anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours. More info on Seville flamenco shows >>

Flamenco Peñas

Peñas Flamencas are cultural associations dedicated to flamenco, often times founded in the memory of an artist, a well-known location or even a genre of flamenco. Don't expect fancy venues, but do expect authentic local talent in a more relaxed atmosphere. More info on Peñas Flamencas >>

Flamenco Bars

Watching flamenco in a bar gives you a chance for a different experience from the tablaos and other professional shows. A great way to see an improvised flamenco show, where locals and tourists may jump in to join the fun. More info about Flamenco Bars >>


If you're looking for more information, visit our other sections: Flamenco Schools, Flamenco Stores, and Events. We also have more information about Sevilla as well as links to interesting information.